Annual Stockholder Meeting Q&A

Question: Where are you on the CEO search? Are you looking internally or externally? What have you learned from the Livongo deal? Is there a sense of urgency now to get this business profitable? Given the state of the business at this point is there any veracity to the rumors that the company is being shopped around either for acquisition by private equity or a larger healthcare company?

Response: The Board’s search for a successor is underway and our new permanent CEO is expected to be named later this year. The Board has retained an executive search firm, which is assisting them in identifying and assessing internal and external candidates.

We are grateful for the trust our investors have placed in our company and we’re always looking for ways to enhance shareholder value. While each acquisition is unique and presents its own opportunities and challenges, we learn from each one and are always taking a look across our portfolio to ensure everything we do is aligned with our strategic focus and maximizing profitable growth opportunities.

Regarding profitability, our focus is on accelerating growth on both the top and bottom lines over the medium and longer term. Our team remains laser-focused on our key initiatives, which includes, among other things, accelerating our bottom-line performance.

Lastly, we don’t comment on speculation or rumors

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